My Lumberjack Stepdad

With the last of my college exams out of the way, I’ve decided I’m finally ready to give up my virginity to my boyfriend.  But the last thing I expect is to find him in bed with my roommate. There’s no way I can stay there, and with no other place to go, I turn to the only person I can think of.  My stepdaddy.

Grant’s like no man I’ve ever known, and there’s always been something about him that’s had me intrigued. As a lumberjack, he’s rugged and rough around the edges, and he’s not a man of many words. But that doesn’t matter when he’s the only man to show me a bit of kindness, even if my mom was quick to toss him to the curb and move onto the next guy.

My mind’s made up.  I want Grant to be my first, and one determined girl.  I want my lumberjack stepdaddy.