At Their Mercy

***Author’s Note— Although this story is edgy (while exploring certain fantasies) and may not be for some readers, I promise you that not all is as it seems, and in the end you’ll get a sweet Happily Ever After.***


When my car breaks down in the middle of a blizzard high up in the mountains, freezing to death seems like a real possibility.  But when a plow comes to my rescue, I ignore any warnings about getting rides from strangers—though I quickly realize that I may have made a mistake.

With the roads far too dangerous, Dane takes me to his home where his housemate, Neo, is already riding out the storm.  Though both men are rugged and handsome, I soon realize that I’m trapped in a house with two men I don’t know, and they’re looking at me as a way to pass the time.

They want to make me theirs… want to ravage me until I’m screaming out both their names. 

Approximately 55 pages long.

Banned by Amazon & iTunes

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